Out with the Old, In with the New!

The Sanitank Septic Tank is the latest innovation in sanitary waste disposal and is designed to replace the traditional cement septic tank system. Cement septic tank systems are prone to cracking and leaking due to natural earth movements (tectonic movement), earthquakes, and even vibrations from heavy equipment! Cracked or leaking cement septic tanks leak methane gas which is dangerous and flammable!

Good things come in 3’s!

The Sanitank Septic Tank comes with the industry standard 3-Chamber construction compliant to most building codes.

Installation is quick and easy with the dig-and-drop configuration, you need just about 30-45 minutes to install the Sani the Sanitank Septic tank with very minimal construction.

The Sanitank Septic Tank is available in the following capacities:

SNSP1000 – 1000 Liters (for 7- 10 persons)
SNSP1500 – 1500 Liters (for 11-15 persons)
SNSP2000 – 2000 Liters (for 16-21 persons)

Install in Series for more capacity!

You need a bigger capacity than 2000 liters? Connect up to 3 Sanitank Septic Tanks to increase the capacity to your requirements!

Forget about cracking and leaking Septic Systems and upgrade to the Sanitank Septic Tank.

Sanitank, the best choice in Septic Tanks

  • High-quality PP/PE composite material
  • Anti-Acid and Alkali-Resistant
  • Smooth inner walls for low friction
  • Impact Resistant even in low temperatures
  • Tight Fit, no leakage into groundwater
  • Easy Installation
  • Eco-friendly using Recyclable Materials

*may vary depending on location and conditions, please allow ~0.5mm tolerance

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