4 Esybox units installed at Aura one hotel in Baguio!

Located at the ”City of Pines”. By choosing and trusting Bestank for their water supply needs,Aura One hotel can ensure a reliable and efficient water system that meets the expectations of its guests and contributes to a positive overall guest experience. Thank you Aura One Hotel!

Modular Tank installed at OFW Hospital in San Fernando

Located at San fernando Pampanga. Hospital that will cater to the medical needs of OFWs and dependents. Using Bestank water storage tanks to supply the entire water needs of a hospital is a wise and reliable choice! Thank you for choosing Bestank!

FRP Modular Tank Installed at Golf Irrigation Lagoon

Selecting Bestank to provide the water supply for a golf irrigation lagoon is a strategic decision that aligns with the golf course’s goals of maintaining a lush and healthy environment while promoting sustainability and efficiency. Thank you for choosing Bestank! #Bestank #FRP #ModularTank