Solartech solar heaters are passive solar heaters that use vacuum tubes to collect the solar energy needed to heat the work. Since solar heaters do not use electricity to heat the water, it is an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective option of heating water for households.

How does it work?

A passive solar heater uses glass vacuum tubes filled with water. Tubes absorb heat from the sun, heating the water. Water naturally circulates through the tank, the heated water naturally rises into the tank and cooler water flowing into the glass vacuum tubes.

Why Vacuum Tubes?

Solartech solar heaters use CERMET coating – a special multi-layer paint which increases absorption of solar Vacuum tubes create excellent insulation, improving the conversion of solar energy to heat energy, even during cloudy conditions. Maximum solar energy is thus collected with less surface area.

Structure of Solartech

Solartech Solar Heater Specifications

  • Capacity: 150 liters/ 2-3 people (SH-150), 180 liters/ 3-4 people (SH-180), 200 liters/ 4-5 people (SH-200)
  • Outer tank: Painted steel-0.5mm
  • Inner tank: SUS304 – 0.5mm stainless steel
  • Vacuum tubes: ϕ 58mm/ Length – 1800mm
  • Frame: Zinc-coated galvanized steel-1.5mm
  • Insulation material: Polyurethane, 50mm thickness
  • Tank diameter: 375mm (inner)/475mm (outer)
  • Small tank: 8L
  • Inlet/ outlet: ½”

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