BESTANK in Philconstruct Visayas

BESTANK Manufacturing Corporation heads on down to Cebu to participate in the Visayas Region’s premiere construction show, Philconstruct Visayas 2012, where we showcased our latest water storage solution, the BESTANK MODULAR TANK. Made of food-grade 304 Stainless Steel, the BESTANK MODULAR TANK can be built to any specification your imagination will allow, you can design it into any imaginable shape that would maximize any space you throw at it. This solution offers an alternative to cylindrical tanks that may be limited to your needed capacity, especially if your requirement is in the 80,000L up.

The BESTANK MODULAR TANK may be brought to your project built or we can also build it on-site, this means you don’t have to modify any structure, just as long as we can carry a 1m x 1m panel into it, we can build it.

Notable examples of in-building construction of the BESTANK MODULAR TANK is at Buddha Bar in Makati (54,000L & 16,000L) housed in the basement, two 54,000L modular tanks in iMall in Canlubang, Laguna also housed in the basement. Both projects had the modular tanks built on-site AFTER the structure was constructed. Our latest project involves the new Birch Tower in Manila that housed the 64,000L tank in the 49th floor of the 52 storey luxurious condominium tower.

Along with the BESTANK MODULAR TANK, there was also the ever reliable Stainless Steel Water Storage Tanks and Polyethylene Tanks, Speroni Italian Jet Pumps and Daichi Submersible Pumps, also our Aquaflo Diaphragm Pressure Tanks from the USA and Varem Bladder Tanks from Italy.