Paying it Forward…

Benjamin Bernardino had it all, intelligence, wealth & fame. Being a doctor allowed him to reach out and help others while providing for his family, cementing their future with his practice.

One bullet to the neck in a petty crime changed it all Benjamin Bernandino’s profile

That single incident left the once active doctor to a quadriplegic, forever bound to his wheelchair. Not that it stopped him from establishing the Life of Haven Independence Center, a non-profit organization aimed at helping and fighting for the rights of physically challenged individuals like Doc Benjie.

Which is why Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Philippines came over and tore down his house.

To built a better one, so that he can further serve his community. The house was designed for independence of movement for Doc Benjie, including a pressurized water supply system specially designed for the house by Bestank.

The pressurized water supply system is composed of a 2000 liter Water Storage Tank combined with a 1HP Jet pump feeding a 88 liter pressure tank that ensures steady and constant water pressure for Doc Benjie all day, any day.

That bullet may have shifted his life into a new direction, but it’s just a new way of helping others

EMHE and Bestank made sure that by helping Doc Benjie, he would be able to help more people with his cause.