Rheem is a US company established in the mid-1920’s by brothers Richard & Donald Rheem in San Francisco, California. Rheem began manufacturing water heaters in 1930s and its brand of water heaters are synonymous to high quality and reliability. Rheem is committed to ensure that customers come first in terms of service and satisfaction for 90 years. Rheem heat pumps are available for residential and commercial use.

Heat pumps produce hot water using the ambient heat from the atmosphere. In a tropical country like the Philippines, heat pumps are an energy-efficient way to turn the hot air that is freely available into hot water. Similar to how an air conditioner works, a heat pump runs hot air through evaporator coils driven by a compressor. However, instead of producing cold air and throwing away hot air (like an air conditioner), a heat pump does the reverse: it transfers the heat into the water and “throws away” cold air as a by-product. This innovative process is less energy-intensive than the heating element commonly used in hot water storage heaters.

Bestank sells heat pumps by Rheem, a US company. Whether it be for residential or commercial use, heat pumps by Rheem gives you hot water at a fraction of the electricity cost.

Significant Energy Savings

Heat pumps by Rheem have efficiencies that range from 230% to over 400%. That means that a building that requires a 7kw conventional electric storage heater may use a heat pump that consumes only 1.75kw. This results in electricity savings of more than 80% for heating water.

Professional Prestige Hybrid Heat Pump

Superb engineering, coupled with decades of water heating expertise, have produced an integrated heat pump water heater that has over TWICE the efficiency of standard electric water heaters.

Its narrow 21” diameter fits through access doors. It has the same connections as a standard electric water heater, making installation fast and easy.

Features and benefits

  • 5 operation Modes – Energy saver mode, Heat pump mode, Electric heat mode, High demand mode, Vacation Mode
  • Uses heat pump technology for superb energy-efficiency
  • Easy-to-use LED touch pad controls the water temperature range,
  • Ideal choice for new homes and for electric water heater replacements in attics, basements, and garages

Classic Series Heat Pump Pool Heaters

An extremely efficient, economical machine designed specifically for swimming pool heating. It is similar in design and operation to a typical residential air conditioning system. The unit employs a hermetic motor/compressor operating in a refrigeration cycle to extract heat from ambient air and deliver it to the circulating pool water.

Features and benefits

  • Exclusive Dura Steel Powder-Coated Cabinet
  • Evaorator Coil – Large Air Coils
  • Venturi Fan Cowling
  • Compressors – Scroll Compressors and Sound Isolation Pads
  • Heat Exchanger – Spiral Titanium Tube, Internal Bypass Valving, Plumbing Connections
  • Controls Analog – Dual Thermostat, Exclusive Direct-Set Thermostat, Remote/ Local Switc, Diagnostics Lights
  • Controls Digital – Pool/ Spa Control, Remote Compatible, On Board Diagnostics

Heat Storage Tank ST-175

Designed for applications that require large quantities of potable hot water in short periods of time.

Features and benefits

  • Flexibility
  • Long Life Tank Design
  • Efficient Design
  • Tank Openings
  • American Society of Meachanical Engineers (ASME) – Certified

Fury Rheemglas® Electric Water Heater

High efficiency dual heating elements and an over-temperature protector which cut off the power when the temperature exceeded safe limits

Features and benefits

  • T&P (temperature and pressure) relief valve included
  • Isolated tank design reduces conductive heat loss
  • High efficiency heating elements with resistors
  • Magnesium anode rod equalizes aggressive water action
  • Electric junction box located above heating elements for easy installation
  • Over-temperature protector cuts off power in excess temperature situations
  • Foam insulated
  • Brass drain valve
  • Automatic thermostat keeps water at desired temperature

Storage Heater with Low Wattage

Manufactured by Rheem, a well-known manufacturer of residential, commercial and industrial heaters and perfect investment for home and small businesses.

Features and benefits

  • Exclusive Rheemglass enamel tank protection against corrosion
  • UL approved combined temperature and pressure relief valve
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Sacrificial anode rods
  • Colorbond pre coated steel jacketing coupled with top and bottom assembly without screws, improve weather protection and moisture resistance. Meet Waterproof Standards of IPX1.
  • Thicker CFC Polyurethane insulation

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