The Bestank Polyethylene Water Storage Tank is the best solution for hard water conditions, you can even install it near highly corrosive seawater! Made of 100% pure polyethylene, you are assured of quality and reliability garnered from over 40 years of industry leadership.

With its unique unibody construction, the Bestank Polyethylene Water Storage Tank is resistant to corrosion, cracks or warping, but the versatility of the Bestank Polyethylene Water Storage Tank sets apart from the rest of the market.

You can use it for overhead installations, ground installations and even below ground installations to convert it into a cistern.

Available from 300 liters up to 10,000 liters capacities, there is a Bestank Polyethylene Water Storage Tank for every possible need.

BESTANK Polyethylene Storage Solutions

Available in all Major Depots and local hardwares nationwide. Made with 100% Pure Food Grade Polyethylene Materials, it is Durable and Tough for highly corrosive locations, with Versatile Installation Options

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