Heat pumps produce hot water using the ambient heat from the atmosphere. In a tropical country like the Philippines, heat pumps are an energy-efficient way to turn the hot air that is freely available into hot water. Similar to how an air conditioner works, a heat pump runs hot air through evaporator coils driven by a compressor. However, instead of producing cold air and throwing away hot air (like an air conditioner), a heat pump does the reverse: it transfers the heat into the water and “throws away” cold air as a by-product. This innovative process is less energy-intensive than the heating element commonly used in hot water storage heaters.

Heat Pump Works

Bestank sells heat pumps by Rheem, a US company. Whether it be for residential or commercial use, heat pumps by Rheem gives you hot water at a fraction of the electricity cost.

Significant Energy Savings


Heat pumps by Rheem have efficiencies that range from 230% to over 400%. That means that a building that requires a 7kw conventional electric storage heater may use a heat pump that consumes only 1.75kw. This results in electricity savings of more than 80% for heating water.

 Rheem Prestige Series Heat Pumps

rheem hybrid heat pump

Superb engineering, coupled with decades of water heating expertise, has produced an integrated heat pump water heater that has over twice the efficiency of standard electric water heaters. At 50 gallons, the Rheem Prestige Series Heat Pumps are the convenient, space saving solution for hot water requirements for 4-6 rooms.

Superior Energy Efficiency

rheem compressor

At 2.45 EF, this is the highest efficiency in its class. This significantly lowers the homeowner’s energy bill, especially in the Philippines. Furthermore, its 8700 BTU/h compressor is the most power compressor in its class with the highest BTU. It takes only 2 hours to heat its tank, compared to 3 hours for other heat pump brands.

Easy-to-use Operation

rheem screenshot

Its intuitive, full-color, back lit LCD Display is easy to use, allowing you to control the water temperature or switch between performance versus energy-saving mode.

Sleek, Contemporary Design

Its elegant, high tech design instills confidence. And with a narrow 21-inch diameter, it takes up less floor space and can be easily installed in tight spots.

rheem installation

Click here to download the Rheem Hybrid Heat Pump flyer, or visit Rheem’s website here.

Commercial Heat Pump Systems by Rheem

Thermatrac Heat Pump

Commercial heat pump systems use energy-efficient heat pump technology to heat water on a larger scale for commercial projects. Among the establishments that require heat pumps are:

  • Hotels, Resorts, and Spas
  • Hospitals
  • Fitness Centers, Swimming Pools, and Sports Centers

A commercial heat pump hot water system requires the following:

  1. Heat pump to heat the water
  2. Hot water storage tank to hold the hot water
  3. Circulator pump to transfer water from the heat pump to the storage tank

A typical diagram of a complete system is shown below:

Typical Heat Pump System

Commercial Heat Pump Unit

Thermatrac heat pumps are brought to you by Rheem. Boasting efficiency of 400%, Thermatrac heat pumps’ nominal wattage range from 18kw to 80kw and can be used in a wide range of hot water applications in the Philippines.

In addition, Thermatrac heat pumps can be combined with solar panels to further realize electricity savings. The solar panels use solar energy to heat the water. Automatic temperature sensors will draw hot water from the heat pump if the solar panels are insufficient to heat the water to the desired temperature. With this combination, users can save a significant amount on electricity costs.

Hot Water Storage Tanks

A heat pump heats water for four to six hours, so most users will include a hot water storage tank in their system to have a ready supply of hot water.

Rheem hot water storage tanks are from the US, come with a glass-lined interior, is ASME-compliant, and come in a standard size of 175 gallons.

For larger requirements, Raypak hot water storage tanks from Rheem are US-made vertical storage tanks with a glass lined interior, R16 foam insulation and enamel jacketing. It is ASME-compliant and ranges in size from 250 to 500 gallons.

Circulating Pump

Circulating pumps are needed to circulate hot water between the heat pump and the hot water storage tank, as well as circulating hot water through the entire system.

Grundfos is one of the leading pump manufacturers in the world. Their hot water circulating pump are energy efficient, have a built-in flow switch, and are designed to withstand high temperatures.

Free Hot Water Design Consulting

To get the most out of heat pumps, the hot water piping system needs to be optimized. Bestank not only supplies the heat pump, but can consult on the hot water design of your commercial project in the Philippines. With the engineering expertise of Rheem, hot water design consulting is free. An optimal piping system takes into consideration varying zones and includes a re-circulation system to ensure a constant supply of instant hot water. Avoid situations where one room has no hot water, while another has scalding-hot water. A heat pump is only as good as the design of its hot water system, and with Rheem, you can leverage the combined technological knowhow of multinational companies – for free.

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