Stiebel Eltron water filters gives you peace of mind that the water you will be drinking will be clean, healthy and above all taste great.

These filters are ideal for families as you can be assured of the quality of drinking water that is being given to all family members and friends. 

Stiebel Eltron water filters are designed to reduce any impurities in the water to give you the confidence you are drinking healthy, clean water. STIEBEL ELTRON’s knowledge and engineering in filtering water technology is embedded in several water filtration units.

Therefore STIEBEL ELTRON water filters are the most trusted solution to provide clean and safe drinking water for people who are concerned about health and water safety.


Fountain 7stg 7-in-1

Fountain 7STG, 7 stages of well selected filter media are combined in one single filter cartridge. This allows for an extraordinary clean and safe filter performance. A smart display with an indicator having both timer, and flow meter with a beep alarm will set off if the filter has to be changed for user’s safety and convenience.

Filter stages

  1. Pre-filters made from Polyethylene
  2. Activated Carbon Block
  3. Far Infrared Ray Ceramic Balls
  4. Negative Ions Ceramic Balls
  5. Granular Silver Impregnated Carbon
  6. Ultrafiltration
  7. Silverlite stone

Stream 5stg 13″ (5-in-1)

A micro-porous structure hollow fiber works as an efficient filter to remove 100% bacteria and particles down to 0.01 micron. Anti-bacteria carbon powder in the last filtration stage will prevent a contamination from the outside and keep the filter cartridge always fresh.

Filter stages

  1. Sediment
  2. Activated Carbon Block
  3. Ultrafiltration
  4. ORP mineral balls
  5. Granulater carbon with Silver ions.

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