The Sanitank Septic Tank replaces the Traditional Cement Septic Tank System that is prone to cracks and leaks due to natural earth movement (tectonic) or even mechanical (heavy equipments)

With a 3-Chamber construction compliant to most building codes, the Sanitank Septic tank can be installed quickly and easily. Anywhere from 30-45 minutes is all you need with very minimal construction.

The Sanitank Septic Tank is avaiable in the following capacities:

SNSP1000 – 1000 Liters
SNSP1500 – 1500 Liters
SNSP2000 – 2000 Liters

Forget about cracking and leaking Septic Systems and upgrade to the Sanitank Septic Tank.

Sanitank, the smart choice in Septic Tanks.

  • High-quality PP/PE composite material
  • Anti-Acid and Alkali-Resistant
  • Smooth inner walls for low friction
  • Over 50 years use in normal environments*
  • Impact Resistant even in low temperatures
  • Tight Fit, no leakage into groundwater
  • Easy Installation
  • Eco-friendly using Recyclable Materials

*may vary depending on location and conditions

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