TST goes to Cagayan Valley

We started off at Tuguegarao City…

TSTTuguegarao01 TSTTuguegarao02 TSTTuguegarao03 TSTTuguegarao04 TSTTuguegarao05 TSTTuguegarao06 TSTTuguegarao07

Next stop was Cauayan City…

TSTCauayan07TSTCauayan06 TSTCauayan05 TSTCauayan04 TSTCauayan03 TSTCauayan02 TSTCauayan01

And we finished if off at Santiago City…

TSTSantiago01 TSTSantiago02 TSTSantiago03 TSTSantiago04 TSTSantiago05 TSTSantiago06 TSTSantiago07

See you all next year!

Agyamanak unay kadakayo amin!

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